We are specialists
with our own acoustic chamber

Sound insulation, suspended ceilings,
acoustic panels
We have been dealing
with acoustics for over 20 years
We believe that it’s best
to be the best
We are building
a Happy and Green Company

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Neslyšíte v kanceláři vlastního slova? Ozvěna v místnosti? Toužíte po klidu? Zázraky zatím neumíme, dokážeme ale vaši akustickou pohodu výrazně zlepšit.

Na naše e-shopu akustických řešení jsou nyní 15% slevy! Běžte objevit design a ticho právě pro vás!


Acoustic booths rolling!

Find a piece of comfort wherever you need it. Our acoustic booths can be easily transported, enlarged or reduced at any time and adjusted to your current needs. They are unstoppable thanks to the hidden wheels on the floor. If you need more space for a larger team, simply add more.

Sound insulation for your office

Can’t hear yourself speak in your office? Do you long for silence? We can’t perform miracles, but we can considerably improve your acoustic comfort. We are constantly improving the acoustic properties of our glass interior partitions. We also supply suspended ceilings from various manufacturers, as well as stylish vertical acoustic panels made from SilentPET® material. We pay attention to details because they are important for creating a perfect acoustically functional whole.

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