Acoustic panels

SilentPET® are acoustic panels made from PET bottles and textile fibres. Ecological processes with minimum emissions of C02 are applied in the production process, therefore even the waste generated during such production goes back to the production process, thus also reducing negative impacts on the environment. Acoustic panels can be used in residences, offices, hotels, restaurants, and also in industrial buildings. SilentPET® is resistant to moisture, fungi and parasites.

Better atmosphere for greater comfort

Premises with good acoustics are more pleasant, provide greater comfort, and reduce the stress factor generated by noise. Noise levels are reduced and noise emissions from the office equipment and staff communication are significantly restricted. The result is that the specific part of the room becomes nicer for both work and rest.

The right acoustics

It is not simply a matter of the problem being solved by having as many sound-deadening materials in one place, however. By adding acoustic materials to right places, the noise is absorbed instead of being reflected back into the room. This eliminates undesired crosstalk, noises, and the echo is reduced Musicians need various acoustics. However, we cannot always "calculate" and plan everything in advance. Searching for the ideal acoustics of a space requires also certain level of experimentation and experience.


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