Your modular office on wheels.


Combine and split at any time


Hidden wheels for easy relocation


Silence is holy


Plug into a socket and it's ready

Do you want to fit in or stand out?

Interior colours



Silen space is a living organism,

just like your company – it grows, shrinks and moves around.

Our unique and hassle-free solution is designed to quickly respond to your changing needs. As a result, your Space will be more useful than any other solution, from both the people’s and the environment’s perspective.

Various sizes for various needs

Space 1

Space 1

For uninterrupted calls
110 x 110 x 227 cm
370 kg

Space 2

Space 2

For a smooth dialogue
240 x 122 x 227 cm
670 kg

Space 4

Space 4

More space for ideas
240 x 242 x 227 cm
1 200 kg

Space 6

Space 6

More space for ideas
240 x 362 x 227 cm
1 730 kg

all places

Thanks to the mobility and modularity your Silen space will fit all your needs.

By combining more Space 2 booths it's even possible to create a meeting room for six people. And it's easily movable too.

You can see how it might look in your office by trying our VR mobile app.

Smart solutions

Turn your wall into a giant tablet. SMART-i-WALL® integrates technology directly into your Space or any other of our partition systems. High-resolution 4K display with multitouch control for a simultaneous collaboration of multiple users.

  • Touch control
    Touch control
  • The best of Windows
    The best of Windows
  • Content sharing
    Content sharing

Want to try it in your office?


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